It’s true what they say about new experiences lengthening your perception of time. It’s only been about a year since I left my favorite Big Co job. It feels like forever ago.

I’m paring down internet distractions and it’s awesome. No more reddit. I get a thrill every time I crave wasting time online and then I refuse myself. It’s masochism, ascetism, right. I have a long row of bookmarks I’m shortening steadily.

Will focus bring me meaning? I think so. It’s being deliberate and intentional, and that more than anything has never failed to satisfy. Results then don’t matter as much if at all. It’s in this way, I think, that people eventually lose touch with easy delights and become monks or something, where every pleasure is indirect and has to be acquired or worked for.

I’m in cafes all the time now and started drinking a lot of coffee. Anything to get away from the house. The coffee thing is not so much a reaction to my living situation as it is just a side effect of being in a coffee shop. At this cafe, there are weekly board game meetups. I went to a few, and it was how I discovered the cafe. Nowadays, I just drink coffee and ignore the board games.

I’m driving more too, now that I have a place to park at night. This is definitely a turn for the worse. I should bike again. It’ll be a great route going up along the ocean. This will also make up for my lack of exercise. My pullup bar doesn’t fit anymore and it’s been raining so I haven’t run. It’s been easy.