Saturday was scattered. I went this way and that. I’m finally settled at the Starbucks on Geary with a view of the closed down Alexandria where I had snuck into to see the Matrix. A favorite memory.

I thought I preferred minimal black coffee. But then I was in a hotel and made myself coffee for the first time, like actually put the ground up beans into the filter and pour water into the little machine and wait for the drip. Since I was already doing this whole preparation thing, I might as well open up the creamer and sugar packet and put it all together for the complete package. So I did, and it was good! I order decaf though, so I’m probably still missing out.

I listened to some My Bloody Valentine. I really like background noise and distortion it turns out. It feels like being inside a nest in a storm.

I hate having to leave when a place closes because there’s no choice so I’m going to leave now.