I drove to Santa Cruz for several days in the summer. I remember the old commericals for the broadwalk really well, and the jingle. There was also something about bringing a Coke can with you for a discount.

The hotel really sucks. I’m still here now. The wifi goes down every night. The front desk sounded resigned and had accepted this fate. “Yeah, it happens when we sell out. Everyone tries to get on at this time. The network is just not robust. I can’t even connect down here.” I get out my phone, set Twitch to audio only, and hope I don’t get throttled.

I like to walk and explore a new place more than anything. I brought my camera, which I haven’t used much because my phone is so convenient, but I wanted to use again. It feels better. I also get tired of the pretty light from Google’s camera app.

On the other side of the bridge, across the river from the fairgrounds, there is a little beach called Seabright. It’s such a nice name. I wanted to see it just for that. It was after sunset, and there were bonfires!

So good.