So I’m pretty sick, the sickest I’ve been for a long time. I thought a good night’s rest would cure me, like normal times before, but this bout of disease lingered through the night and totally disabled me in the morning. I was kind of scared for an instant that this might not be in the realm of ailments Walgreens would have a fix for. Then I felt better, and I’ve been drinking strong tea and reading Couch by Benjamin Parzybok. Soup too. My hoodie up.

I am not sure what I have, not really a fever or cold or flu…just a sort of nausea and need to lie down. I tried Nyquil but other than putting me to sleep, don’t really think it helped.

The blurry picture there is from Fort Point, where the barracks are. The doorways go on and on and it was really arresting when I first saw it. I was going to put up one with me in it, at the end of the tunnel, but the lighting was somehow wrong and it was like I was stuck in layers and layers of darkness. Ominous for a post about sickness!

An appropriate quote:

Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed. —George Burns