Game night Tuesdays are actually a thing now! They exist, and better yet, persist—it’s got some legs. I’m trying to spread the word and get more sucked into the swirling whirlpool of fun.

I just got expansions for Small World, the game we’re lavishing our attention on at the moment. It’s Risk with more colors, more strategy, and a whole lot less dice-rolling. Watch the first episode of Tabletop for a taste.

I didn’t appreciate the importance and timing of declining, which is the core of the game I think. Declining lets you abandon your current race and pick a new one. It perfectly hits on the feelings of relief and sense of renewal that come with quitting and abandoning something. Of course, there’s no guarantee that something better will come along, but the unknown in this case is not feared but coveted. Like that sleazebag manager demonstrated in Almost Famous, given option A on an open palm and an Option B hidden in the closed fist, you will always choose the fist.