Oregon! I spent five days on the road with Chris, Amy, and Hieu-Nam last weekend, looping up California, around Portland, and back down the coast. The trip is just starting to blur in and mix, tinting my life a bit greener.

Everything had that loamy saturation of color, like after a storm. And the TREES. Everywhere everywhere. I will never see as many.

Crater Lake joins the Grand Canyon as places you have to see in person. My body rocked when I first walked up and saw the water. This is what it’s about.

I still got the uneasy small town feeling, every time I go anywhere outside a city. I don’t belong here, I keep thinking. I’m too used to the massive, pervasive indifference from people in cities, the comfort of strangers. There isn’t enough!

Our lighthouse tour guide—it was her last day—gave us more time up near the lamp and told us about the haunted bed-and-breakfast down the road. She was very effective.

We saw the only rain of the trip that day. But magically, a window of sunshine opened up, beginning a little after we arrived at the lighthouse until precisely when the tour ended. The ghost must have favored us and wanted us to be happy.

We were driving through the redwoods slowly, then Icona Pop came on and it was the best thing evar.

I have so many pictures I want to post. It was awesome to find out Amy was into photography too. Between the four of us, we have like 4,000 images lol.

I used to be a lot more thorough with recaps, but I’ve lost the urge to give complete accounts. Now I just output these disjointed paragraphs. I will get those pictures up though. I look forward to doing something with Flickr.

I think I know the source of my travel bug. I’m all transitory and nebulous here, and I don’t feel much gravity. Traveling is transitory and nebulous too, only it’s more interesting. It’s what I noticed after Korea, and more so this time, my increasing homelessness.