Chris once said that he doesn’t chew gum because it’s so useless. That really cracks me up, so good.

When I can’t sleep, I sometimes imagine all the places where I’ve slept before, visualizing them from my prone body’s perspective, shifting through all the rooms, beds, couches, tents. Even with my lousy memory, I can still remember a lot. I like to think my brain makes sure to get a good memory of the place where I fall asleep so if I wake up suddenly, from a growl of a lion or something, I can get oriented quickly and not run into a tree.

On my list of all-time favorite things to spend time on, doing nothing is pretty high up there. This can explain a lot of laziness. I can’t tell if it’s just because most of the activities I think of or encounter are so lousy that they can’t even beat doing nothing, or if doing nothing is inherently precious and supreme and sets a standard that’s hard to beat.

I quit my job. The last few days there flew by super fast. I didn’t pack my stuff until the last minute and didn’t get a chance to look through my email and old files like I imagined I would. My goodbyes felt rushed and cursory. When I handed over my key card at the door, shook hands, and walked away, it felt so, I don’t know, like the event didn’t really mean it and just half-heartedly happened? It didn’t seem final like quitting something should. Maybe I’m desensitized.