Birds have been destroying the screens in my windows. At first, I thought the screens were always just crappy and didn’t pay any attention, but then the holes got bigger. And one day last spring, the nesting season apparently, I woke up to this ripping sound amidst the usual annoying chirping and I made the connection. This spring, the birds were back, and outright tore like an entire half of the screen off.

I go to the same place for lunch pretty much. I get soup. The cashier who works there started recognizing me. And then started giving me discounts without telling me. I didn’t realize until like the third time. I would get the large and get charged for the small. I thanked her finally and she shrugged. Last time I was there, she rang up my big salad as a $3 wrap and I felt weird and was like, hmm, maybe I should say something, that’s a pretty deep cut. But I just ate the salad.

Blog migration’s complete. I feel so clean. No more Wordpress. I lost the random link though, and maybe I should put back the rss feed. But for now, I’ll just enjoy it. It’s one less thing on that list of stuff that’s always on the backburner, but still radiates a low-level stress wave that contributes to the everyday haze. Next item: take out my wisdom teeth.