Regret is the enemy.

It’s hard for me to watch performers of great precision, like acrobats. I hate the suspense. What if they mess up? I can’t bear it. This feeling has crept into other things, like live bands. I don’t worry quite as much though because they can cover over any mistakes a lot easier than acrobats can. But still. For bands whose songs I know really well, I get anxious.

Sports too. Just tell me when they’re in the playoffs. I don’t want to get on the rollercoaster of hope only to despair and hope again over the regular season. Maybe just tell me when they’ve made it to the last game. I’ll watch then.

Elections too! These primaries are undoing me.

I have some predictions. The Warriors will not break the record. They will not win the Finals. Clinton will win the election (did I say this already?). I will publish my first book this year!