Here’s what I did today and what I thought about.

I didn’t remember waking up—just like how I can’t ever know when I fall asleep, oooh, incepted!—but I did remember doing my reflexive day-of-the-week check. What day is it? Is it a weekday??? Oh, it’s Sunday, awesome, relief, back to sleep.

I had dim sum with my grandmother at our usual tea house on Noriega. Because we’ve been there so many times, I can really tell how much the quality varies. Today was one of the better days; the lotus leaf-wrapped rice was nicely seasoned. My grandmother usually talks about the old country and dim sum prices at other restaurants and how little I’m eating. I would reply in bad Chinese and eat some more and my mind wanders a lot.

How do dolphins sleep and not drown?

Gordon called a little after noon after lindy in the park. I was supposed to buy a boxspring with my parents, but didn’t know where they were at that moment so had nothing substantial to relay to Gordon about my afternoon plans.

DSL is not available at my apartment, wtf! With a heavy heart, I ordered Comcast. $19.99 a month for six months, then $40.95 after that. Plus modem. Plus taxes. Fees. And 7% of my incorporeal soul.

Then I ran. I haven’t jogged for a few weeks and was glad to take advantage of the late-breaking sunshine. It felt really good. My favorite route cuts through the middle of Lake Merced. There’s a bridge there once you get inside the golf course, with a water fountain to boot.

As I walked home swigging some sugar-free Red Bull with a new stick of deodorant in my back pocket, I thought I caught a glimpse of a coworker. We made eye contact for a split second and I was passed. It was totally her, I concluded. I wondered if she recognized me with my Aplia cap and can of soda over my face in half swig.

I bet!