It’s been a month since I moved into my apartment and I’m settling in nicely. I would say I’ve been on my own for a month, but I really haven’t. I go home—what’s your definition of home??—at least once a week to eat or pick up more boxes of my stuff I didn’t move over yet. And suffice to say I am not lacking in visitors; as Elbert said, Gordon’s spent more time in my apartment than I have, ha!

I built a shelf, which is AWESOME. I am hella proud.

Vegetables perish so fast, eat them quickly!

I still don’t have the internet yet because my apartment strangely wasn’t wired for cable and the last tenant didn’t even have internet access, even stranger. But it hasn’t been that bad. I really don’t do anything online and the things I really need to do I do at work.

Target has taken all my money.