There is an amazing place in San Jose called Bun Bo Hue An Nam that served me the best meal I had in a long time. Years probably. The flavor was intense. Super hot. The food had intent and agency. Hieu Nam told me about this particular dish when we were in Portland. The restaurant there specialized in bun bo hue as well. I wanted to find a similar place back in SF, and found the Yelp listing. I ate there with Elbert on our way to a show. I need to get back there immediately.

I would devote my entire life to solve the Sunday problem. It just feels so bad, every single week. For all the pain and suffering in the world that I’m lucky enough to avoid, late Sunday afternoons must be the price I pay. I could write a thousand page book about this. Holy shit are Sundays horrible. I don’t hate my job and still this black dread consumes everything 2 p.m. onward. I get groggy and sleepy and don’t feel like doing anything because the weekend’s about to end anyway so why bother. I watch the daylight die from my window.