I went to Iceland for a week and a half. Toured with Connie then spent days walking around Reykjavik and taking pictures. It was the best. I really want to go back with Chris in the summer to take more pictures and rent a car and drive around the island perimeter.

I’m surprised at the efficacy of drugs. Because there’s that gap and delay between intake and effect, I’m always skeptical that any of it works. I value the instantaneous, immediate. But caffeine is hitting me hard now, so I do feel more appreciative.

I have the day off and I spent the morning at the Borderlands Cafe. I got a refill already, so can stave off for maybe another hour the guilt of sitting here for so long. It’s rainy and I don’t feel very much like moving, caffeine aside. I want some pho for lunch. After that, not sure what I would do in the afternoon and evening. Movie? Reading? More writing? No, not more writing.

Victoria is back for the week. Always festive. Enjoy Vegetarian, Rogue One, homemade kombucha?, karaoke!

It’s still raining. I don’t know what I want to do. Should I stay or should I go, so to speak. My battery is low and I don’t want to move to another spot to plug in. The bookstore is open. I imagined that I would buy a copy of Lions of Al-Rassan and just really dive into reading, but buying material objects now gives me pause. The library copy is crappy and gross, that’s why I’m considering buying it. I don’t want an ebook either. I don’t like reading on my phone, and I don’t want to carry the Kindle around. The best solution is for me to resell the copy to Green Apple once I’m done reading. Chances are though they won’t buy it. I’ll be left with either donating it or keep it forever. Hm.

Need to go.