Perfect weather today. Cozy.

Sunday mornings with Grandma, versus any other time or day of the week, are the ones I would remember most with her, I think. It’s just me and her. Her memory has gotten pretty bad and I’ve gotten used to repetition. She remembers the very recent and the very far past, and the gulf in the middle is expanding.

I’ve started wearing the new glasses, after a month or two of not. I don’t want to deal with getting used to a new pair. When I look down as I’m walking, I get that feeling where I’m walking atop a rolling ball, the whole Earth being that ball. There’s still the slightly but sufficiently nauseating distortion and slight delays at the corners of my periphery. The clarity is nice and all, but I know how fleeting that is. Soon enough, I would have to get a new prescription, and another, all leading to my eyeballs falling out at the end. Why is there no cure for myopia???