I finally started backing up my photos and data. It’s taking a long time. Spent the past few days transferring from my ancient, rickety hard drive to some new drives, and it’s still not done. I looked through my old pictures and videos all last night and it was totally worth hoarding all these memories. They say I would never look at them again, but nope, here I am looking through years of photos and it’s great. I wish I had taken even more pictures. Recorded personal history is actually precious to me.

I’m in the folder with pictures from senior year of college. The apartment I moved into that year felt temporary and insubstantial and disposable. The shots of me and Chris’s room made it clear how little I cared about my living situation or ideal furniture arrangement at that point. I don’t think I felt that way then, when I was actually there, but I don’t know. I was probably terrified about graduation and finding a job to notice. But then again, I’ve always been sentimental. I likely made some slow, quiet bike rides in the early morning through campus, looking at the places I used to hang out. If I had known how great my twenties were going to be, I wouldn’t have been so saccharine lol. Nostalgia is only kicking in hard now because of how terrible my thirties are going.