I bought a T-Mobile pre-paid SIM card as backup internet for this month. There’s something messed up with the electrical wiring and the lights and power have been flickering and randomly turning off for several seconds lately. I have some UPSes for the router and the fiber box in the garage, but those several seconds of outages could very well be permanent and not come back. I’m compelled to act because I’m really screwed if the main internet goes down. I wouldn’t be able to work. It’s not like I could go to the office, or to a cafe, or the library. My phone plan doesn’t let me tether, which is BS. This is all converging during busy season at work, when I need to be on all the time. So suddenly I have no other options to get online and I feel super vulnerable. This is now a huge risk I couldn’t tolerate.

After this month, I’ll gain some degrees of freedom back, and wouldn’t need another SIM card. But dang.