I hurt my ribs by leaning against the edge of my desk too hard. I was still sitting down too?? I don’t know how that could happen. I can’t sleep on my sides now. Then the other day, I was chewing some curry fish balls really fast because I was hungry and the curry balls were really good, and I bit my tongue super hard. It spent the past week hurting and I couldn’t eat anything easily, because chewing requires a lot of tongue movement apparently, so I lost all appetite because eating hurts. I couldn’t even talk properly for a while without very careful tongue positioning. How is my body collapsing so fast.

This Thanksgiving break is going by at a nice pace. I don’t feel like time is running out too quickly, like I usually feel during the holidays. It’s Friday, and it feels like it should be Friday, out of my week-long break from work. I didn’t do anything special the previous days, but they occupy roughly the same mental duration in my mind as actual time duration on the calendar. It’s a rare occasion that my insides line up with the outsides, and it feels pretty great.

Last thing: listen to the album On Circles by Caspian.