Just saw Contagion with the big cast. It was really down to earth; there are no gimmicks, everyone behaved as you would expect normal people to behave in those situations. The ending was natural. Though it didn’t have any explosions or flash, it kept my attention pretty much throughout. I’d want to read the book if it had been based on a novel, which I don’t think it is, just to see more of how an epidemic would disrupt the everyday.

Victoria’s in Chicago; I miss her. It’s a brave thing to do, to trek out on your own to another city and make a new home there. Just like that. Inspiring.

Today was extremely piecemeal. Nothing really cohered. It was like lumps in your oatmeal that weren’t mixed in properly. Events didn’t chain together well and ends dangled loose. What a mess. I’m not gelling. Sleep will fix it, the great gellifier.