This is true for me, and I think it’s probably true enough in the general: people appreciate reactions more than actions from other people. A reaction from someone is a reward, an affirmation and acknowledgement of whatever you did. An action from someone is just them trying to gain something for themselves.

Foooor example: I get more out of seeing someone’s face when I give them a present than any present they can give me. I prefer making someone laugh than hearing a good joke. When I meet someone, I remember and like those who listen and show interest much more than people who talk about their backpacking adventure in Budapest or Mediterranean cooking class or charity marathon they’re raising money for or novel they’re writing or their band’s summer tour or their start-up’s venture capital problems or their kids’ home runs or their wicked hangovers or their latest epiphanies about social interactions—sorry, got carried away. Anyway.

The thing I like about you is, the thing you like about me.