The years after college are hard to keep track of; they’re all like jumbled without the clear delineation of semesters or midterms. When someone mentions to me that one time when so and so did this and that, the event could have happened during any of the past five years. Does this pass???

Kids make good time gauges. You can see the years go by right in front you in convenient physical form. I suspect empty nest syndrome comprises the sort of after-college time disorientation I feel now; a second wave of it.

So. I can’t stand nonchalance wielded as broadcast of how much you’ve seen and done. It’s douchey.

I went to Candlestick Park for the very first time. The place is so brutal; it’s all concrete and screaming and spilled drinks. When I got inside, the field seemed to be at the bottom of a loud writhing hole and I felt momentarily bad for the players having to endure that. Athletic abilities aside, I could never imagine being down there. I felt claustrophobic.

Football’s so much better live. You lose a lot of perspective on TV.