I think I’m regressing. It’s been pretty downward sloping the past few years. Becoming more read-only. Pass-through. Things peaked around 2011 I think (in recent history, I mean, not to be all dramatic or anything). That was when I had my studio, a really low-stress job, could bike to work, had game night, people hadn’t moved away yet, and bunch of other stuff I didn’t appreciate as much as I should have at the time. I take that back. I think I did know how great things were as they were happening. I couldn’t stand the thought of stagnation though, and so changed things for the sake of changing things.

As nostalgic as that sounds, I don’t regret my choices, even if they led to worse things. Good, bad, it’s all just experience (which is good!). I try hard not to look back so much, but you know. Overall, I think my twenties were pretty great, even with this :( at the end.

Twenties > college > elementary school > high school > middle school

I’ll be happy if my thirties turn out as good as elementary school lol.

—I feel like I’m on the cusp of something.