Volunteering and taking classes at CCSF will save my life! I think. Meetups haven’t turned out that great. When I go to them, there doesn’t seem to be a point. People kind of mill around and look like they expected something more. Volunteering and classes though, those should be purposeful right?

I figured out recently that AT&T blacklists my host and blocks every website on it. That’s pretty bad. I thought it was something wrong with my phone for a while, when I couldn’t access it on data and only on wifi. I put it on a list of stuff to do later and never got back to it until one day Elbert said my site was down, and I was like, hmm, I should really look this up. So I need to move this thing yo.

The Grand Budapest Hotel is so great. Moonrise Kingdom was super awesome too. I’m now a complete Wes Anderson fan.