They say there will be a big storm tomorrow and they’re closing schools and everything. I am so skeptical it would be anything, really. Like the protests recently, and fucking Occupy back then, so hyped, change is coming, but there’s nothing there, maybe there was something in the beginning, the swell of new purpose—the tents come down all the same. This build-up is so familiar to me now that I side by default with the underwhelm. I keep thinking people are doing things just because they’re bored. It’s like someone who makes it a point to own very few possessions so they can drop everything and leave on a moment’s notice; they think their life would be more interesting than it actually is.

Ha, so I’m saying modern life is so boring that it can even suck the potency out of storms. Anyway, I personally hope it would rain like h*ck tomorrow. I like the complex lighting of rainy days. It makes for interesting pictures.

I got my Strip Search Season 1 DVDs and they are so satisfying. They reassure me that art is worth pursuing.

I’m going to work from home tomorrow, because of the storm apocalypse. It’ll be the first time I do such a thing. When I heard I can work from home, I thought, how great!, the company is so mindful of work-life balance. But it’s actually the direct opposite. WFH implies there’s no separation anymore between work and home, and all my space and time are now available for labor. It’s sick. I think I have to go to meetings through Hangouts.